Revolutionising travel in North West Sydney

Project: Transport for New South Wales Sydney Metro North West Interchanges

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Chatswood and Epping, Sydney, NSW


When something has been established and working for some time, it can be tricky to add another layer to it and still make it work. This was the wayfinding challenge Urban Monkey took on when Australia’s biggest infrastructure project — Sydney Metro — needed to integrate with existing train networks. Specifically, the introduction of a new wayfinding design system for Chatswood and Epping train stations with the advent of Sydney Metro presented multiple considerations for moving large groups of people.


In short, this meant updating, removing, and adding signage and wayfinding systems to ensure hassle-free movement within and around the project sites at both Chatswood and Epping Stations.

The scope required the technical advisor (that’s us…) to provide wayfinding signage, site planning, project and stakeholder management and design services.

Essentially, the wayfinding systems for both the train service and metro service would be like implementing two different guidelines in the one area.


As a team, Urban Monkey worked together to create and deliver efficient traffic flow between metro, train and other services. The consistent messaging was in alignment with the rest of the network, allowing for a clear and intuitive wayfinding transition at the interchange. We met the challenge of this multi-layered brief allowing for movement between multiple platforms and connection points to deliver an integrated, seamless, positive and customer-friendly wayfinding experience.

What we did

  • – Wayfinding design